Non ancora pubblicato in Italia, ma se ti è piaciuto il primo romanzo di questo autore, La Nuova Moglie, adorerai anche questo suo secondo thriller. La storia di due sorelle legate non solo dal sangue, ma da un passato e un segreto che potrebbe distruggerle.

Fifteen years ago, three girls, one good, one bad, one dead. A dramatic accident that changed their lives forever. Now Alison is an art teacher who works in a college and accept to teach art to an open prison where the prisoners (men) are considered low-risk.

In the care facility, Kitty lives in a care facility because of a brain injury that prevents her from talking, but the reader can hear her thoughts loud and clear. Kitty makes friends and falls in love with a boy in her same conditions. She doesn’t remember the accident, although she has a few flashes of the past.

In the meantime, Alison thinks that someone is watching her and her guilt over what happened fifteen years before stops her from having a normal life.

This is the author’s second novel. Having read also her debut, My Husband’s Wife, I have to admit that, although I never like her characters (too disturbed for my taste), I really like her writing. Her stories are dark and gripping and her writing is really captivating.

As in the first novel, the narration alternates between the past and the present, and between characters, Alison and Kitty, so that the tension slowly builds as you switch between one and the other, keeping you guessing until the end.

The author was a writer-in-residence of a high security prison for men which is shown in her deep knowledge of prisons life both in this novel and in her debut, My Husband’s Wife. The procedures, the details (even of the care facility) are so well-described that it is almost like being there.

A novel about sisters, past rivalries and jealousy, and a story about secrets, this novel is very immersive and chilling, full of twists and shocking truths that keep you glued to the page.