Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Il detective Aidan Waits è tornato nel suo terzo romanzo per cercare di risolvere un caso vecchio di dodici anni.

Detective Aidan Waits is back and he is more troubled and darker than ever. It all starts with a simple task. Aidan and his partner Sutty have to babysit a serial killer who twelve years before killed for people, three of which were children. Now he is dying and they hope that he will reveal the place where he hid the body of one of his victims before he draws his last breath. Somehow things go horribly wrong and with a price on his head and a new partner, Aidan has to figure out what really happened twelve years before.

I love this series featuring Aidan Waits. He is a detective in the Manchester Police. After getting too deep while undercover and risking everything, he’s been relegated to the night shift. Corrupted and hated by everyone, he tries to redeem himself, but it’s not an easy task. In this third book, he finds himself in more danger than ever and every page I really question whether he would make it out alive. Gripping and addictive, I read this book in two days and I am really hoping for a fourth book!