Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Solo la verità. Cosa faresti se scoprissi che tuo marito di dieci anni e con cui hai quattro figli non è l’uomo che pensavi che fosse? Vivian Miller è un’analista della CIA che scopre che suo marito Matt, l’uomo con cui ha passato gli ultimi dieci anni e con il quale ha avuto quattro figli, in realtà è una spia russa. Improvvisamente, Vivian vede il suo mondo crollare e dovrà decidere tra suo marito e il suo paese.


I must admit that I really enjoyed this novel. It’s a mix of Alias, The Blacklist, and Homeland. There are Russian spies, conspiracies, and blackmails.

The novel is told from Vivian Miller’s point of view. She is happily married to Matt and they have four children together. Besides being a mother and a wife, she is also a CIA analyst. Her specialty is Russia and she is tasked to find Russian spies hiding in the United States. The problem is when one of these spies turns out to be her husband Matt. This discovery completely shatters Vivian’s world as she struggles between the love for her husband and her family and her loyalty to her country.

I loved how the author digs into Vivian’s mind. She describes in details her fears, her refusal to accept the truth, her guilt, her always looking behind the shoulder waiting to be discovered. It was quite an emotional ride. I loved this character, sometimes I sympathized with her, sometimes I found her too naïve, and I sometimes I just admired her for her determination.

There are many twists and the suspense rises as the story evolves. The writing is captivating, the characters are well-crafted and complex, and the plot is fast-paced and compelling. I especially liked the unexpected ending which was really good for the story. I stayed up late at night reading because I couldn’t go to sleep without knowing how it was going to end. The perfect read for those who love spy stories!