Cari amici oggi voglio parlarvi di Lake Holon, una gemma nascosta nella provincia  di South Cotabato nella Regione di Mindanao. Si trova sul Monte Parker, dal nome di Frank Parker e Russel Maughan, entrambi ufficiali  militari statunitensi morti durante un volo di recognizione durante gli anni’30. Holon significa acqua profonda ed è considerato un luogo sacro dalla tribù locale e protetto dai 15 guardiani di Holon rappresentati dalle montagne circostanti.



Lake Holon is a hidden gem in South Cotabato located in the Region of Mindanao, Philippines. The said lake was actually born out of fire as the crater it is sitting on was created when Mt. Parker erupted in 1641. Lake Holon was truly mystifying sight, the 300-hectare wide body of water sits at 1,756 meters above sea level, and is recognized as the cleanest in the country.

Deep in the hinterlands of South Cotabato, where the ethnic tribe of the Tboli people resides, sits a place filled with wonder and surreal beauty. The uncharted terrains, marred by certain ruggedness, have been trekked by adventure-seekers who are in search of new places to marvel at. There, nestled at the crater of Mt. Parker, is Lake Holon, whose clear waters and surrounding green pastures bring forth a feeling of peace and tranquility to every visitor who dared to climb its trails.


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