Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Un thriller mozzafiato che vede come protagonista una fantastica investigatrice alla ricerca di una teenager scomparsa.
I became a fan of Lisa Gardner only recently, but I became quickly addicted to her writing and her D. D. Warren series. Before She Disappeared introduces us to a new series and a new character. Frankie Elkan is a “private investigator” travelling around the country looking for missing people, the ones no one seems to care about, especially the police.
In Before She Disappeared, she arrives in Boston to find Angelique Lovelie Badueau, a fifteen-year-old living with her brother and her aunt in a neighborhood of Boston full of immigrants who don’t trust strangers or the police. Angel was last seen come out of school, but no one knows where she is now.
Sometimes the story is a bit slow-paced, but it is also suspenseful, twisty, and exciting. Frankie is an interesting and likable protagonist with a tragic past that haunts her and it makes for an intriguing and mysterious subplot.
Before She Disappeared is another fantastic addictive story from one of my favorite authors!