Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Se avete letto e adorato il suo romanzo precedente La casa che era nostra, adorerete l’ultimo accattivante romanzo di Louise Candlish che vede una guerra scatenarsi tra i residenti di un tranquillo quartiere inglese.

Louise Candlish is one of my favourite authors. She kept me captivated with Our House and then she came out with Those People, a twisty and gripping novel set in a beautiful and quiet neighbourhood where children play on the street and everyone goes along. Until Darren and Jodie move there. Their loud music, house works, cars parked everywhere, the idyllic life of the neighbourhood is disrupted. While the residents try to get rid of the couple, secrets come to light that may destroy their lives.

Perfect for fans of Big Little Lies, Those People is well-plotted and unpredictable. The characters are unlikable but well-crafted and, of course, there is the final surprise at the very last line that features Louise Candlish’s novels and makes them a brilliant and addictive read. Highly recommended!