Cari amici, oggi vi porto fino alla sorgente termale naturale di Mainit, nella città di Maco nell’isola di Mindanao. E’ una cascata fumante situata in uno dei  22 vulcani attivi nelle Filippine. Un piccolo paradiso di piscine naturali, dove è possibile tuffarsi e sciogliere ogni tensione. Un paradiso nel cuore della mia bellissima terra.

The Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring is a natural hot spring located in the mountainous and geothermally active interior of the town of Maco, Compostela Valley or Davao de Oro, is a province in the Philippines located in the Davao Region in Mindanao. The heated water flows from the spring and through a stream which then cascades over a rocky side of a mountain where minerals are deposited on the surface to create these beautiful yellow stalactites.

The surface is also completely covered with a smooth deposit of mineral so you have to be careful while walking. The water is only ankle-deep and can be uncomfortably hot to your feet in the beginning, until you get used to the water temperature when it becomes soothing and relaxing.

There are spots where you can seat on boulders or on smooth rock steps. It is also surrounded by trees which provide shade from the sun.

The cascade offers a relaxing warm shower which is believed to have natural health benefits such as improving blood circulation, relieving muscle pain and reducing stress.

The Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring also features natural saunas inside small caves created through the formation of stalactites. These caves trap the heat of the spring water flowing above it. Once inside the cave, expect to sweat just like when you are in a sauna. Make sure you drink a lot of water before entering the sauna to avoid dehydration.

A minimal fee of P10.00 is collected at the entrance of the hot spring. There are also cottages available for rent. Rooms are also available for visitors who wish to stay overnight. There is a small convenience store where you can but drinks and snacks, but I suggest that you bring your own water.

It’s more fun in the Philippines.