Cari amici, a circa 20 km da Manila nella parte inferiore di Antipolo, c’è una grotta che conserva al suo interno delle formazioni rocciose che sembrano delle immagini sacre. Stalagmiti e stalattiti miracolose- si dice- che hanno un potere curativo sulle persone. E’ per questo che è stata ribattezzata la Grotta mistica!

Mystical Cave is one of the tourist spots in Antipolo City, Philippines. From the name itself “Mystical” because of the holy images found inside the cave. The water and stone inside the cave is said to be precious because it can heal people and can protect you from harm. They believe that the stone inside the cave can be your “anting-anting” (or “charms”). This place is religious because of the rocks that forms of different holy images like Jesus, Mama Mary and many more. And of-course the water that drips inside the cave is said to be holy because it can heal illness.

Mystical cave is located in Puting Bato, Antipolo City. In 1970 it was discovered and maintained by Inday Nelly. Mystical Cave it is not just an attraction to those who love to explore but also for those who are religious, and institutions because of the different forms of stalagmite and stalactite inside the cave. It is 8 storeys deep but only the first floor is allowed to be visited. Many local tour guides are accessible to guide you inside , you just can give them any amount.