Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo I segreti di mia sorella. Kate e Sally sono due sorelle con una relazione complicata. Kate è una giornalista di guerra e dopo il suo ultimo viaggio in Siria, si trasferisce temporaneamente nella vecchia casa di sua madre. Ma una notte sente un bambino piangere fuori dalla sua finestra, ma quando si affaccia non vede nessuno. Sally non le crede e Kate comincia a credere che la sua visione sia causato da quello che è accaduto in Siria.

Kate is a journalist who travels around the world to report on war zones. She is now back in England, but her problems have followed her from Syria and she has also her own on the English ground. One of them is her sister Sally with whom she has a strained relationship. After the death of their mother, Kate moves temporarily into the family home, but the cry of a child keeps her up at night. Sally doesn’t believe her and she has her own ghosts to deal with. Is Kate going crazy? Or is there really someone out there who needs her help?

My Sister’s Bones is a dark and gripping novel about family relationship, especially the relationship, often complicated, between sisters. The themes confronted in this novel can be hard and gruesome as the author also explores the difficult situations in war zone through Kate’s eyes.

There are many twists and turns that are revealed slowly, a bit at the time. The pace of the novel is not too fast as the author focuses more on the psychology of the characters than on their actions. There were moments that gave me the chills and the final revelation was completely a surprise but I loved how the book ended.

Perfect for fans of Anne Corry and Paula Hawkins, My Sister’s Bones is a suspenseful, intense and captivating novel that will keep you up at night (both because you are reading it and because it’s scary!).