Cari amici, eccoli davanti ai miei occhi: grappoli di fiori a forma di artiglio e di un intenso colore turchese. E’ la Vite di giada, esotica vite rampicante delle Filippine, con la sua splendida fioritura turchese. Lo sapevate che questi fiori sono impollinati dai pipistrelli attratti dal loro bagliore notturno? E’ per questo che questi fiori, forse tra i più belli al mondo, sono delle vere e proprie ghirlande di luce.

With so much to see and discover, one will always find a rare gem in the Philippines. It’s probably no surprise that plant enthusiasts and nature lovers will find this country absolutely exciting!

The Philippines is an archipelago with a tropical climate. With close proximity to the equator, it has a hot and humid climate with a little bit of rain that creates the right condition for tropical plants.

Get to know the rarest and most interesting tropical plant in the Philippines that are especially found in my country.

Philippine Jade Vine or locally known as Tayabak is native to the Philippines. It has a unique claw-like shape that hangs on a tree. Jade Vine Flower blooms turquoise or aquamarine flower. Its striking color and interesting appearance makes it one of the rarest flowers in the world. It typically blooms from March to April.

Also called Emerald Vine, the Philippine Jade Vine is truly a sight to behold. This rare tropical plant only thrives in tropical rainforests with rich biodiversity. 8 species of Jade Vine are considered endemic to the Philippines.

Recently, a rare species of Jade Vine was spotted at Masungi Georeserve in Rizal.