Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Un tranquillo villaggio inglese è sconvolto dall’omicidio di una giovana ragazza. Raccontata dal punto di vista di tre donne, è una storia che vi terrà con il fiato sospeso fino alla fine.

Phoebe Morgan is really an author to watch out for. On her second novel, she knows how to keep the reader on their toes with a suspenseful story and well-crafted characters.

The protagonists of her second novel are three women. Clare, a sixteen-year-old girl living with her mother and stepfather. She goes to school, she hangs out with her friends, and she keeps secrets. She is the typical teenager, so why was she killed?

Jane lives next door to Clare. She doesn’t know her neighbours very well, but when Clare’s body is discovered, she finds herself drawn in the story, because despite the appearances, Jane is involved in what happened to Clare.

DS Madeline Shaw is investigating Clare’s death. She wants to find out the truth and she seeks justice for Clare, but it’s not easy when everyone seems to be hiding a secret.

The author set the novel in an idyllic small town where nothing bad ever happens, until Clare’s body is found. We see how the town gossip mix with the investigation, how everyone has their own opinion, even if they didn’t know Clare. Reading Clare’s perspective is both emotional and suspenseful because you see this happy girl full of life and you know that something bad is about to happen to her.

Thrilling, twisty, and engrossing, The Girl Next Door is absolutely a must read and I am already looking forward to whatever the author writes next.