Ursula vuole fare la giornalista e arriva all’università di Oxford piena di sogni e speranze. Quando trova il corpo di Lady India, Ursula investiga l’omicidio nella speranza di avere il suo articolo pubblicato nel giornale dell’università.

An addictive and hilarious novel set at Oxford University in the 1980s. Raised in the English countryside by her two eccentric grandmothers, Ursula Flowerbutton is excited to enter the prestigious Christminster College and to go to parties and mingle with the aristocracy. Ursula dreams of becoming a journalist and hopes to become part of the university’s newspaper.

She quickly befriends Nancy, an American student whose main goal is to find an earl to marry. Ursula has the chance to write for the university’s newspaper after discovering the body of socialite Lady India, but her article will be printed only if she finds the killer. Between history essays, rowing lessons, parties, and dates, Ursula investigates the murder helped by her new friends Nancy and Horatio, often finding herself at the end of intimate confessions.



I first read Plum Sykes a few years ago when I picked up her novel Bergdorf Blondes. I loved and admired her writing so I was very looking forward to reading her newest novel. The plot is thrilling and suspenseful but what I loved most about this novel are the characters: colorful, eccentric, and funny, they get in ridiculous situations and made me laugh out loud throughout the whole novel.

It seems this is the first book in a series (An Oxford Girl Mystery) and I really hope so because I would love to read more about Ursula and her friends.

Because of the many Oxfordian terms and the culture of the time that may be unfamiliar to many (me included), the author included footnotes that were very helpful.

Beautifully written and full of comedy and mystery, I was engrossed in this novel from the first page and read the whole book in two days.