Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Un thriller mozzafiato da uno dei miei autori preferiti con protagonista una giovane donna in viaggio con uno sconosciuto che crede essere un serial killer.
It’s not a secret that Riley Sager is one of my favourite authors. Every time he publishes a new book I read it right away and it never disappoints.
Survive The Night is his latest novel and, no surprise there, I loved it. The year is 1991, around Thanksgiving. Charlie Jordan is a college student going back home not only to celebrate with her family, but permanently. Something happened a few months back and she still hasn’t recovered from it. Eager to go back home as soon as possible she accepts a ride from another student she met at the college ride share board. Josh seems a really nice guy, but as they talk, Charlie starts to suspect that Josh is not who he says he is.

Charlie loves movies and sometimes she finds herself in her own movie, created inside her head. She is my favourite kind of character in psychological thrillers, the unreliable one, so is she correct in believing that Josh is hiding something or is it all in her head?
The thing I loved most about this book, beside the unreliable narrator, the many twists, and the incredible suspense, is the way the author structured it as the script of a black and white thriller movie. The noir element, the many references to old movies, made it very easy to imagine the scenes as I was reading. A must-read!