Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Una serie di omicidi irrisolti di quarant’anni fa, una blogger alla ricerca della verità vi terranno incollati alle pagine.

Two women, forty years apart. In 1977, rich heiress Beth Greer was accused of killing two men in cold blood without a reason. The press renamed her Lady Killer, but she was acquitted and for the last forty years she’s lived in isolation in her family mansion.
In 2017, Shea Collins is a receptionist by day, a true crime blogger by night. She lives in the world of crime and the Lady Killer murders are her obsession. When Beth Greer accepts to be interviewed for the first time in forty years, Shea thinks she has finally the chance to find out what really happened. However, as she visits her house to interview her, she knows that Beth is not telling the whole truth and the mansion gives her the chills, because there is something or someone lurking there.
I love Simone St. James’s novels. They are chilling, dark, and there is always an element of paranormal that makes me check that the doors are locked every night. Shea is an interesting and complex character. Like Beth, she has her own demons to face and her own truth to reveal.
If you are looking for a gripping and addictive novel to prepare you for Halloween, then pick up The Book of Cold Cases, because it will get you in the right scary mood!