Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo La mia vita non proprio perfetta. La vita non è come appare su Instagram. E Katie lo sa bene…

Katie wishes she could be like her boss Demeter: chic, with a beautiful house, a perfect family, and a great job. Instead, her bedroom is a shoe box, the office politics confuse her, and the only thing Demeter deems her to be good enough is to dye her hair. And when she thinks that things are finally starting to get better and her life could look more like the life she posts on Instagram, Demeter fires her and Katie is forced to go back to Somerset to help her family run a luxurious camp site.

When Demeter unexpectedly turns up at the camp with her family and doesn’t recognize her, Katie thinks that she can finally have her revenge. But then secrets are revealed and it turns out that Demeter’s life is not as perfect as Katie thought and makes her re-evaluate what is really important in life.
I love Sophie Kinsella’s novels not only because her stories are witty and immersive, but especially because her characters are relatable, authentic, and down-to-earth. Katie is one of my favourite of her heroines and I admired her optimism even when things were bleak. Full of hilarious scenes and quirky and incredible characters, this is a must-read by one of my favourite authors!