Cari amici, oggi facciamo un viaggio nella cucina filippina. Vi parlerò del Sisig, un piatto a base di carne di maiale. L’invenzione di questa ricetta è della signora Lucia Cunanan. Il Sisig è una vera delizia per il palato. Lo proviamo insieme?



Sisig is a popular Filipino dish usually prepared by chopping boiled pig head and chicken liver, then serving it with chili peppers and sour liquid like calamansi or vinegar. The term “sisig” is actually a Kapampangan word which means to “snack on something sour”.

Sisig is said to be invented in the 1970s by Lucita Cunanan, popularly known as the “Sisig Queen”. Her signature pork dish brought fame not only to her restaurant, “Aling Lucing’s,” in Angeles Pampanga but also popular all over the Philippines. According to Cunanan’s recipe, preparing sisig comes in three phases: boiling, broiling and finally grilling. A pig’s head is first boiled to remove hairs and to tenderize it. Portions of it are then chopped and grilled or broiled. Finally, coarsely onions are added and served on a sizzling plate. Variations of sisig may add any of the following: eggs, ox brains, chicharon (pork cracklings), pork or chicken liver, and mayonnaise. Recently, local chefs have experimented with ingredients other than pork such as chicken, squid, tuna, and tofu.


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