Il Parco Avventura di Tree Top è un concentrato di adrenalina. Siete pronti a fare l’esperienza di un volo in caduta libera che in soli 2/3 secondi vi lascerà sospesi a 60 piedi dal suolo? Oppure preferite una passeggiata funambola su ponticelli, che si perdono tra la fitta vegetazione della jungla filippina? Tutto questo e molto di più al Parco ricreativo e avventura di Tree Top!  Assoluto divertimento nella natura.

The Tree Top Adventure Park is located at Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales. It is situated in the incredible deeply forested jungle area and a facility delivering some of the most exciting experiences available in the entire Philippines.

Embark on adventure tourism 100 feet above the ground, as expansive vistas entrench and bathe you in the lush wonder of the Subic rainforest. Experience jungle trails, not of the ordinary variety at all; no, these trails are situated 100 feet above the ground, consisting of platforms, suspension bridges and a motorized treetop canopy system; the world’s first such wilderness-ride.

This is nature’s sanctuary, enveloped in the realm of overgrown trees and jungle-foliage of various types. Subic Bay’s tropical rainforest is home to 3,000 types of trees and 10,000 varieties of plants as well as over one-thousand animal species, including bats, monkeys and wild pigs. Breathtaking, is a word best used to describe the experience of riding canopies, walking cable bridges, and cable-sliding from one treetop to another while marveling at the vast array of surrounding flora, fauna and animal species.

The word Safety is Treetop’s number one priority and these words are prominently displayed on signs at Tree Top Adventure. All of the attractions are certified and accredited by professionals in the field. The tour guides are certified on first aid, CPR and are highly trained in industrial rope access work and rope rescue techniques. So, make sure to bring your family and friends to this adventure experience for a lifetime.

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