Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Una storia divertente e coinvolgente con una protagonista unica e simpatica.
If you love books about books, then The Bookish Life of Nina Hill is the right novel for you. The protagonist, Nina Hill, loves books, she works in a bookstore, and she is part of many book clubs, so the literary references just come one after another and, after I finished reading this novel, my list of books to read was increasingly longer.
I really enjoyed reading this novel because I loved the protagonist. Nina never met her father and her mother was more absent than present. She lives in Los Angeles with her cat and, besides books, she has a passion for trivia quiz for which she is highly competitive. She likes to be organized and she has social anxiety and, at times, it was heart-breaking to see her struggling in social situations.
This is an highly enjoyable, heart-warming, and witty novel. There is romance, friendship, and found-family all wrapped up into the author’s addictive writing style. If you want to have a fun read full of bookish and pop culture references, then you should really pick up this novel… You won’t regret it!