Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Dopo le esequie. Un’apparente morte naturale, la lettura di un testamento, e una frase incautamente pronunciata…Hercule Poirot investiga su un intrigante mistero di famiglia.

A family reunites for the funeral of the eldest brother Richard. His death was sudden, but not unexpected, so everyone is taken completely by surprise when his sister Cora asks: “he was murdered, wasn’t he?”. No one takes her seriously because Cora is known for being eccentric. But when the very next day she is found brutally murdered
in her bed, the family lawyer is convinced that she knew something and that there may be a killer on the loose, so he asks Hercule Poirot to investigate.

This is another Agatha Christie’s novel where she keeps you guessing until the end. Every member of the family is a suspect as they were all in need of the money they inherited after Richard’s death. But who, among them, is a ruthless killer? Slowpaced, suspenseful, and original and with a cast of assorted characters, this Agatha Christie novel is an excellent mystery that will keep you engrossed for a few hours.