Cari amici c’è un’isola nella provincia filippina di Romblon che assomiglia alla cresta di un gallo. Non ci sono resorts quindi se si vuole pernottare non resta che accamparsi sulla sabbia corallina bianca. L’isola è talmente piccola che si può visitarla a piedi in mezz’ora circa. E al tramonto il mare si tinge di infiniti toni di azzurro. E’ un posto incantato!

Cresta de Gallo Island in Romblon is one of the most surreal places you have ever the pleasure of visiting. In one of the most remote corners of the Philippines. An hour’s boat ride from Sibuyan Island, in the region of Romblon, is where you will find the white sand paradise of Cresta de Gallo. This insanely beautiful island is way out in the middle of the ocean and is surrounded by crystal clear aqua blue water.

The journey to get there is epic and you have to really put in the effort to make it there. It will take an internal flight, 4 local ferries and a private boat to reach the island…but it was worth every second of the journey.

The island has two beautiful sandbars and is surrounded by the brightest blue water you have ever seen. To top it all off, its remote location means that you may even get to enjoy the island all to yourselves. If you are looking for your own private island paradise, then look no further than Cresta de Gallo.