Pubblicato in Italia al titolo Miss Marple al Bertram Hotel. Qualcosa di misterioso sta accadendo al Bertram Hotel, ma, per fortuna, Miss Marple è lì per investigare.

In the heart of the West End stands the Bertram’s Hotel. It has been there for a long time, surviving the war and competition. Entering the Bertram’s Hotel you’d have thought to have gone back in time in Edwardian England and it attracted the clergy, dowager ladies of the aristocracy coming from the country, and girls on their way home from expensive finishing schools.

One of the guests of the Bertram’s Hotel is none other than Miss Jane Marple, who has accepted an all-paid week to London from her nephew Raymond West. Staying at the hotel there are other guests and when one of them suddenly disappears the police investigates. Thinking that the disappearance of a clergyman is somehow connected to a series of robberies, the police interrogate the guests, but the truth is much darker than expected.

Another thrilling and enjoyable read from the Queen of Crime. Nothing is what you expect at the Bertram’s Hotel. While Miss Marple is a secondary character in this story, merely a witness and a sounding board for the Chief Inspector investigating, it is a wonder how she always manages to entangle herself in a police investigation!