Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo L’ospite inatteso. Adattato dall’opera teatrale di Agatha Christie, è la storia di un uomo che si ritrova nel mezzo di un’investigazione di omicidio ed è determinato a proteggere la moglie della vittima.

This is the first lines of the The Unexpected Guest:

“It was shortly before midnight on a chilly November evening, and swirls of mist obscured parts of the dark, narrow, tree-lined country road in South Wales.”

And from here I was hooked. A man is stranded on a remote road, his car into a ditch from which he can’t get out. The only help can come from the nearby house, but when he gets there he finds a man shot dead and a woman standing by with a gun in her hand. The woman, who is the wife of the victim, admits to killing her husband and is ready to confess to the police, but the man convinces her to cover it up. But why would he do that? And did she really kill her husband? Or was someone else living in the house? Or is the killer an outsider?

This is the second novel that Agatha Christie wrote for the stage and was then readapted by Charles Osborne and I think it’s my favorite. I read it in one sitting, glued to the pages and curious to discover the truth, because it seems there were quite a few people who wanted the victim dead…