Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Sipario. Per il loro ultimissimo caso, Poirot e Hastings tornano nel luogo del loro primo caso insieme, Styles Court. Ma le cose sono molto diverse e il killer potrebbe essere il più astuto che abbiano mai affrontato.

Sadly, I finished my reading of Hercule Poirot novels. Published in 1975, Curtain sees one of the most famous detectives in literature investigate his last case. Poirot and his loyal friend Hastings return where their partnership had begun many many years before, Styles Court. As in the first book, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Styles Court is, once again, the setting of murder. Turned into a guest house, Styles Court hosts a few guests and Poirot is convinced that one of them is a serial murderer. But, Poirot is not the energetic man he once was. Confined to a wheelchair, he asks Hastings to investigate while he will keep using his little brain cells to stop the killer before they hit. However, Hastings also has other things occupying his mind. Staying at Styles Court is also his younger daughter Judith and, as a recently widowed father, he doesn’t know how to accept the choices she makes. Family drama, romance, and murder mix in the last case for Hercule Poirot.

The return to Styles Court brings back memories to Hastings, how, the first time he visited, he didn’t yet know how his life would change. “Changes – changes everywhere. But one thing, strangely enough, was the same. I was going to Styles to meet Hercule Poirot.” But things are now different and Hastings doesn’t expect the changes he sees in his old friend.

I had so much fun reading the entire Hercule Poirot books, rereading some I already knew, and discovering new ones. I enjoyed each one of them, but I am looking forward to discovering other Agatha Christie’s novels.