Pubblicata in Italia con il titolo Destinazione ignota. Una donna va sotto copertura per ritrovare un gruppo di scienziati scomparsi e vivrà una serie di avventure nel deserto africano.

This novel is quite different from Agatha Christie’s other novels and, although I can’t say it is one of my favourite, I still quite enjoyed it. First published in 1954, Destination Unknown is a spy thriller set right during the Cold War. A woman, Hilary Craven, has just arrived in Morocco. Grieving the death of a daughter and the ending of her marriage, she is planning her own suicide, when she is asked to impersonate a woman whose husband, a renown scientist, may have defected to the Soviet Union.

The woman is dying, following a plane crash, and Hilary’s task is to continue her journey to reunite with her husband. From here she unravels the mystery of scientists disappearing and the promise of a freedom that is not at all what it seems.

The story is intriguing and with quite a few surprises, but I can’t say it kept me completely engrossed. Still, it’s worth reading it!