Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Se morisse mio marito. Lord Edgware è stato trovato ucciso nel suo studio. Alcuni testimoni accusano la moglie che da poco aveva chiesto il divorzio, altri testimoni giurano che la moglie fosse ad una cena dall’altra parte della città. Allora chi ha ucciso Lord Edgware?

One evening, Hercule Poirot and his friend Hastings are out for theater and dinner when they are invited to the company of a famous American actress with an unexpected request: convince her husband to give her a divorce so that she can marry again. And when Poirot meets with the husband, Lord Edgware, he finds out that he doesn’t need much convincing. But that same night, he is murdered and the only suspect is his estranged wife. The only problem is that she has an alibi with multiple witnesses. So, who killed Lord Edgware? And why?


A puzzling and twisty mystery that Poirot manages to solve only following a casual exchange heard while crossing the street, as Hastings tells the reader. Nothing is what it seems in this novel and the truth was much more complex than expected. An addictive story that took me continuously by surprise.