Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Sfida a Poirot. Un cadavere non identificato, un lavoro inaspettato, e misteriosi orologi con l’ora sbagliata nel nuovo caso di Hercule Poirot…

Even though Hercule Poirot makes his first appearance by the middle of the story, it is clear from the beginning that this is a case that only he can solve and, when he gets involved, he promises to do it comfortably sitting in his chair.

A young woman leaves a house screaming and collides with a man walking by. She tells him that she found a man murdered inside a house where an old blind woman lives. The man, who works for a special branch of the police, immediately calls Inspector Hardcastle to investigate. The young woman is Sheila Webb who works as a typist-for-hire. She claims to have been hired by the owner of the house, Mrs Pembmarsh, but the woman denies any knowledge of it and of the murdered man. And even more strange, inside the room where the man is found, there are four clocks that no one knows who they belong to.

This is one of these weird cases that no one seems to know how to solve until Poirot makes his appearance. It was strange and maybe slightly far-fetched and yet still intriguing and complex. Recommended!