Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo La quarta scimmia. Un thriller che vi terrà con il fiato in sospeso. Il primo romanzo di una serie che vede per protagonista il detective Sam Porter mentre da la caccia ad un killer senza scrupoli.

This book was amazing. Intriguing, twisty, dark, this novel kept me completely hooked to the page. The first in a series, The Fourth Monkey starts with Chicago detective Sam Porter being called on the scene of an accident. Sam in on leave, but because of the identity of the victim, he goes back to work. The victim is known as the Fourth Monkey Killer, a man who, for the past five years, has been kidnapping young women and sending pieces of them to their families before they were finally found dead. After their deaths, it was discovered that the victims’ parents had all done something illegal and that the killer took the daughters to punish the parents. However, the nightmare is far from over, because, before dying, the killer had kidnapped another young girl and Sam has little time to find her before it’s too late.

The novel is told from different points of views, from the detectives in charge of the case to the victim of the killer and the diary of the killer. The alternations between the different points of views keep the tension high and they mostly ended with some cliff-hanger that made it almost impossible for me to stop reading. Full of surprises and twists, The Fourth Monkey kept me glued from the first to the last page and once it’s over I couldn’t wait to start reading the sequel, The Fifth to Die