Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. La tranquilla serata di una coppia è interrotta da un uomo che picchia a morte il marito. L’uomo non conosceva la coppia e non c’era nessun tipo di legame tra di loro. Perché lo ha fatto?

The novel starts with Harry and Julie McNamara watching the TV in the tranquility of their house when a man comes in and beats up Harry to death. The man, JP, is quickly arrested but he confesses that he had no reason to kill Harry and doesn’t even know who he is. The reader is then taken back in time to explore the events that led to this deadly night. We see how Harry and Julie met, their wedding, their years of marriage, not all of them happy. We also meet JP, we learn about his difficult childhood and how his path crossed with the MacNamaras’.

This novel was utterly amazing. I read it in two seats and I couldn’t put it down. It’s full of twists and I loved that the book started with a shocking event that grips you from the first page. Although the plot is dark and addictive, I found the characters not very likable and deeply flawed. Besides feeling a bit sorry for JP I can say I liked any of them. They are all three selfish, some more than others, but they are very well-developed.

Jo Spain is the author of many other novels, but this is the first one I read. I find her writing brilliant and captivating and I loved how she explores the psychology of these three characters. I am definitely going to read more of her novels and I highly recommend you do the same.