Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Il secondo romanzo che vede come protagonista il detective Adrian Waits durante il suo turno di notte nella città di Manchester.

This novel is really creepy and dark, but it’s also compelling and addictive and I love the protagonist, detective Aidan Waits. He is a detective in the police of Manchester but his addiction to drug has led him to work the night shift with an unbearable partner (although I found their exchanges quite amusing). One night, they are called to an abandoned hotel where a guard has been attacked. What they thought was a simple break-in, turns out to be a murder when they find the body of a man in one of the empty rooms. The man doesn’t have any identification marks, no fingerprints, ID, or even tags on his clothes, but the strangest thing is that he is smiling. Aiden starts to investigate on his own, as his colleagues all seem to hate him, and he also has to deal with someone from his past, someone who doesn’t want to let him go.

I really liked the character of Aidan Waits and I am really looking forward to read more about this character. He had a troubled childhood and his drug abused didn’t help in his work or his love life. He can’t keep people close to him, but he is passionate about his job. He risks his life and his job for people he doesn’t know but that he sees as victims and he is compassionate and reckless at the same time.

I liked how the author described in the details the night life of Manchester and, thanks to his attention to details, you could almost picture the scenes.

An intense and chilling novel that I couldn’t put down.