Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Una bellissima storia d’amore tra un’organizzatrice di matrimoni e un fiorista mentre lavorano insieme per il matrimonio dell’anno.

If you love weddings, if you love flowers, if you love second-chance romance, then Forget Me Not is the right novel for you.

I adored this immersive and refreshing story with two lovable and wonderful protagonists. Probably because of all her mother’s weddings, most of which she’s organized, but Ama Torres has always loved weddings and she’s developed a career in it. However, she doesn’t believe in marriage for herself and she never intends to marry which has led to her only heartbreak two years earlier. Elliott Bloom wanted to be an architect, but following his father’s illness, he’s been working in the family flower shop, creating beautiful designs. That’s how he met Ama who, two years earlier, broke his heart. They haven’t spoken to each other since then, but now they are organizing a celebrity wedding together and the tension – and chemistry – is high.

Beautifully written, heart-warming, and addictive, Forget Me Not is, without a doubt, one of my favorite books of the year!