Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo L’ultima vedova. Nell’ultimissimo romanzo di Karin Slaughter, l’agente speciale Will Trent corre contro il tempo per salvare la sua ragazza Sarah rapita da un pericoloso terrorista.

It is a normal sunny Sunday in Atlanta. Special agent Will Trent is mowing the lawn to impress the family of his girlfriend Sarah, while inside the house she tries to avoid the nosy personal questions from her mother and her aunt. And then a bomb goes off, cars collide, and Sarah is kidnapped, leaving Will on the ground hurt and worried. Will is ready to do anything to save the world and the woman he loves even if that means going undercover in a homophobic and racist cult that wants to cleanse the world.

This is the latest novel featuring my favourite couple, Will and Sarah, and I have been waiting three years for it. I love seeing these two characters together. They are completely different and yet they fit perfectly. 

Karin Slaughter takes us right into a world where the white man dominates over women and other races and which made by blood boil in rage. Some of the scenes and themes of the novel are disturbing and unsettling and the author manages to create a story that is thought-provoking and gripping.

The Last Widow is a page-turner and I am already looking forward to whatever happens next.