Cari amici, oggi voglio farvi conoscere il lago Kayangan sull’isola di Coron, nell’estremo sud-ovest delle Filippine. Secondo gli esperti è il lago più pulito d’Asia. Questo specchio d’acqua cristallina è circondato da rocce calcaree e custodito dalle tribù Tagbanua, che lo considerano un luogo sacro abitato dagli spiriti. Il fondale del lago ha un aspetto lunare: formazioni rocciose e piccole piagge nascoste. Un angolo di paradiso in terra filippina, ve lo assicuro!



Kayangan Lake or Cayangan Lake is located in Coron which is in the northern end of the Palawan Islands in the far southwest of the Philippines. The lake is a short boat ride away from the town of Coron. You can take a group tour or hire a private boat for the day to see the Kayangan Lake and surrounding attractions.

Kayangan Lake is a wonderful tourist spot in Palawan surrounded with rocky mountain composed of limestone and clothed with mangrove forests. The lake has been considered as the cleanest lake in the Philippines and in Asia by many tourists that have visited the place. You can actually clearly see the bottom of the lake that is so clean especially in the morning where the sun is up. There’s a lot of activities that you can do in exploring every inch of this beautiful Kayangan lake like, snorkeling, diving, rafting, and soft sailing cruise in the lake. You can also climb up the rocky mountain around 150-foot steps to see an awesome view. This majestic nature is surely a solution to be refreshed away from the noise of the city.


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