In the last few years, I’ve been reading many YA novels, especially fantasy, but I also enjoyed a few crime novels and, last year, I devoured the three novels by Holly Jackson which feature a unique heroine and complex case:

1.A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder
2.Good Girl, Bad Blood
3.As Good As Dead

The protagonist is Pippa Fitz-Amobi, a high-school student and aspiring journalist. Five years earlier, her English town was shocked by the murder of schoolgirl Andie Bell. Her killer, Sal Singh, was found dead a few days later and the case closed. However, Pippa is not sure that Sal was responsible for Andie’s murder, so she starts her own investigation with the help of Sal’s brother Ravi.

Pippa is incredible. I LOVED LOVED this character. She is smart, funny, and determined. She won’t stop until she finds out the truth, no matter the danger. I devoured all three books and I am really hoping the author will write more books featuring Pippa (and Ravi). Even if you don’t like YA novels, but enjoy crime stories, I highly recommend this series because it is amazing and very well-written!