As you may have noticed from my reviews, one of the genres I enjoy reading is women’s fiction. Full of romance, laugh, and friendship, and with some amazing heroines, these are the perfect books to relax with and here are my top 10 so far (with multiple titles from my two favourite authors):

1.Paige Toon: The Last Piece of My Heart
2.Sophie Kinsella: Confession of a Shopaholic (the entire series)
3.Christina Lauren: My Favorite Half-Night Stand
4.Katy Birchall: The Secret Bridesmaid
5.Paige Toon: The Minute I Saw You
6.Sarah Hogle: You Deserve Each Other
7.Sophie Kinsella: My (Not) So Perfect Life
8.Abbi Waxman: The Bookish Life of Nina Hill
9.Sophie Kinsella: Can You Keep A Secret
10.Emily Giffin: Baby Proof

Hope you enjoy! x