As an avid reader, I have many, way too many books. They are everywhere, stuffed under the bed, in boxes, above the wardrobe… everywhere!!!
I don’t think that I have any space left, and yet I keep buying books and, sometimes, another copy of a book I already own. Why?

Well, in some cases, the movie or TV series based on one of my favorite books came out and the tie-in edition with the poster was published so, of course I had to have it, like in the case of Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Then there is hardcover vs paperback. I love hardcover editions, but the paperback is easier to carry around, especially when it comes to big books. Last year, I started reading the novels of Sarah J. Maas and, of course, there are many editions of the books. Her ACOTAR series had just been published with brand new covers, both in hardback and paperback, and since I adore this series, I bought them both.

Also, there are the collector’s and special editions, especially in the fantasy genre, with beautiful cases and illustrations which you can not have…

In conclusion, yes, I have multiple copies of the same book and I don’t regret it one bit!