Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Un thriller con elementi fantasy e una fantastica e realistica protagonista che vi terranno incollati alle pagine.

I LOVED THIS NOVEL! It is a mix of thriller and fantasy that I found impossible to put down. In a world where part of the population is Gifted – i.e. they have the power of telekinesis and telepathy – Inspector Isabel Reis of the Polìcia Judiària of Lisbon is still struggling with her gift. She is investigating what looks like suicide, but it soon turns into a murder.

While most of the story focuses on the investigation of the case, I liked how the author focused on the fantasy element, about the civil yet not-completely-trustworthy coexistence between Regulars – those who don’t have powers – and the Gifted. Even though the Gifted are accepted, they are constantly monitored and under restrictions – that’s how Isabel finds herself partnered up with Inspector Aleks Voronov, a Regular.

I really loved the twisty plot, the well-developed characters, and the beautiful and evocative descriptions of Lisbon. I am keeping my fingers crossed for book number 2!