Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Una fantastica storia di magia, amore, e famiglia.

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches is one of my favorite books of the year. There is magic, romance, found family, and secrets and I loved every page of it – so much so, that I read it twice within a few months.

I loved the story: in a world where witches exist, but they are cursed to be orphaned from a young age, there is one witch in particular who’s always felt alone. Mika Moon has been jumping from temporary job to temporary job, moving every six months. The only constants in her life are her adorable dog Circe and the meeting of the Very Secret Society of Witches which take place the third Thursday of every third month.

One day, she receives a message asking her to tutor three young witches in controlling their magic, so she travels to the mysterious Nowhere House where she meets the weirdest and most incredible family. Mika is quickly drawn to the family, to the three young witches, and the grumpy librarian who would do anything to protect them. A when someone threatens to take it all away, Mika is ready to do anything to protect the family she’s never had.

I loved the story, but I especially adored all the wonderful characters. Mika is a likable, relatable, and incredible character. Alone all her life, except for a string of nannies and tutors who always left, she desires a family and she seems to have found it at Nowhere House even if she fears of losing it all. Then there is Jamie, the handsome and always scowling librarian whose favorite Jane Austen novel is Emma (yes!) and who would do anything to protect the three young witches who he’s been raising since they were orphaned as babies. There is also Ian, a formerly elderly actor who has a flavor for drama and performance, his calmer and more reasonable husband Ken, and protective and sweet Lucie. Last but-absolutely-not least the three young witches everyone loves: Rosetta, Terracotta, and Altamira created some of the most hilarious and well-developed scenes in the book with their adventures and their mischief.

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches is a warm, cozy, witchy, witty, and addictive novel with a fantastic love story, charming characters, and lots of magic!