Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Anatomia di uno scandalo. Kate e Sophie. Due donne molto differenti. Una è un avvocato che si occupa di crimini sessuali, l’altra è una madre e una moglie molto devote. Non hanno niente in comune fino a quando uno scandalo non le porta sulla stessa strada.

As a booklover, I enjoy reading other people’s opinions about books and for months I heard only good things about Anatomy Of A Scandal so when I finally managed to grab a copy I was really excited and I wasn’t disappointed.

The two protagonists of this novel are Sophie and Kate. Sophie is a stay-at-home mum and wife to James, a junior minister in London. They seem to have a perfect life and a perfect marriage until she finds out that her husband has been having an affair with a colleague for the past five months and now she is accusing him of raping her. Kate is the prosecutor in James’s case, she is the one who has to prove that James is guilty, that he is not the good man everyone think he is.

The story is told by different points of view, Sophie and Kate, it alternates between the past and the present and between London and Oxford. Despite these changes of characters, time, and setting, the narration flows easily and these alternations keep you glued to the page as you want to find out more.

Kate and Sophie are completely different women. One is a determined woman looking for justice for victims and she works hard to get it. The other is a mother whose life seems to revolve around her husband and when the trial begins, she stands by his side. Despite this, she is still a strong woman who in the end I came to like.

Anatomy Of A Scandal is a thought-provoking novel about issues that are current at the moment, like sexual violence, harassment, men in power, but also deals with themes of marriage, trust, love, family, and dark secrets. With a compelling plot, captivating writing, and complex characters, this is one of these novels that really keep you holding your breath until the end.