Cari amici, voglio oggi presentarvi il nuovo Upside Down Museum di Manila. Un museo capovolto, dove puoi volare o essere sospeso nell’aria. Un vero parco dei divertimenti dove la parola chiave è l’immaginazione e la creatività.


Upside Down Museum was located in Pasay, Metro Manila. The Museum was inspired from Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and in United States of America. People flock to these museums to see something familiar yet different – turning houses upside down. This Philippine edition –  decided to do it ten- fold bigger and added more illusions to expand the experience. The Museum has 1,700 square feet of fun and excitement. That cost the entrance fee for only P450.00 pesos per person and children under 3 years old are for free. Inside the museum, you will find wonderful photo areas that will leave you in awe and will definitely fuel your curiosity. You can bring your families and friends to enjoy more fun.



Upside Down Museum features the Leaning House, Floating Corner, Upside Down House, Mirror House, Giant Sneaker – Giant Headset, The World of Comfort, The Inverted Steel Bridge and a lot more.


It’s more fun in the Philippines.