Questo romanzo non è ancora stato pubblicato. Noah e Gracie erano cresciuti insieme, ma una tragedia li separò. Quattordici anni dopo sono riuniti da un’altra tragedia e dovranno affrontare molte sfide per arrivare alla verità. Un fantastico e coinvolgente romanzo sull’amicizia, l’amore e la corruzione.

  1. A. Tucker is another of those authors that have written many books but that I discovered only recently. Keep Her Safe, her latest novel, is a romantic thriller, so it’s perfect for those who, like me, are fans of both genres.

Noah and Gracie knew each other when they were children. His mother and her father worked together for the Austin Police Department. Then one night tragedy stroke. Gracie’s father was killed during a drug deal gone wrong and he was accused of being corrupted. Gracie and her mother moved away from Austin and  while Noah’s mother became chief of the police force.

Fourteen years later, another tragedy brings Noah and Gracie back together to investigate what really happened the night her father died. The consequences are deadly and dangerous and Noah and Gracie have to be careful because there are many powerful people that don’t want them to find out the truth…

Romance and suspense alternates in this engrossing and sharp novel. I liked reading about Noah and Gracie’s evolving relationship, but I was also curious about the investigative side of the story. The novel alternates between the past and the present, between Noah and Gracie and between their parents. The mystery seems easy to solve but there are a few surprises along the way. I loved the characters, his southern politeness and her determination.

A story about corruption, the importance of family, and the search of the truth that will keep you glued to the pages.