Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Il mistero del treno azzurro. Un fantastico nuovo caso per il detective belga da investigare sulla bellissima Riviera francese.
The Blue Train is a luxury train that travels from Calais to the French Riviera with a stop along the way in Paris. Travelling on the train there is a group of people from England. Ruth Kettering is the daughter of an American millionaire, and she is carrying with her a set of rubies of high value. Unknown to her, her estranged husband, who she is about to divorce and leave penniless, is also on the train as well as his rejected mistress. On the train, there is also Katherine Gray, a woman who recently came in possession of a large fortune. And, of course, the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot is also travelling to the French Riviera, so, when Ruth Kettering is found dead in her bed and the rubies gone, he offers his services in the investigation. Was Ruth killed for the rubies or there is another reason? And who is the killer? Her husband, the mysterious man she was about to meet, or simply a stranger?
The Mystery of the Blue Train is another favorite of mine among Agatha Christie novels. Since Murder on the Orient Express, I found that trains as a setting for murders intriguing and evocative. Once again, Hercule Poirot proved his worth and I couldn’t figure out the truth until it was revealed. A fantastic read to enjoy on the beach!