Pubblicato in Italia con il nome Un cavallo per la strega. Cos’hanno in comune la morte di un prete, una serie di morti apparentemente naturali, e un vecchio pub nella campagna inglese? Un fantastico mistero dalla regina del crimine.

In a Chelsea coffee shop Mark Easterbrook is the witness of an argument between two girls. Later, he learns that one of them has died and her name is included in a list of surnames found on a priest who has died from an assault on the street. The connection between the victims is the name “The Pale Horse”, once a pub in a little village in the countryside, now the center of voodoo and magic. What follows is a series of mysteries and intrigue.

I found this novel very interesting and full of suspense, and I enjoyed seeing the return of mystery writer Ariadne Oliver, who always adds a bit of levity to the story. Highly recommended!