Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Tragedia in tre atti. Una morte improvvisa diventa un omicidio e Hercule Poirot indaga.
Sir Charles Cartwright is known for his skills on the stage and with women. Now a retired actor, he’s thrown a party at his house. Attending there are various people, including a theatre producer, a doctor, a young lady, and, of course, Hercule Poirot. When one of the guests suddenly dies, everyone, including the police, believe the cause of death to be natural, except for Sir Charles Cartwright who is convinced that it is murder. When another of the guests dies in similar circumstances a few weeks later, Hercule Poirot decides to investigate with the help of the actor, the theatre producer, and the young lady.
No matter how many books of Agatha Christie I read I never manage to figure out the truth before it is revealed. She is the master of twisty and unpredictable plots and I love how nothing is never what it seems. Although not one of my favorite novels by this author, Three Act Tragedy is still an enjoyable and gripping read from the Queen of Crime.