Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Le ombre. Il ritorno nella città natale, portano alla luce i demoni del passato per un uomo che cerca di dimenticarlo.

Last year, The Whisper Man, the debut novel by Alex North, was one of my favourite crime novel of the year. It was dark, suspenseful, and addictive, so I’ve been really looking forward to the author’s second novel and I wasn’t disappointed. The Shadow Friend has echoes of the previous book (with mention of the case and places) and it is as much dark, suspenseful, and addictive as The Whisper Man.

The protagonist is Paul Adams who is back to the place he had left when he was 17 years old and swore never to come back. However, his mother is sick and he has to take care of her, but the ghosts of his past and the horrific murder that took place twenty-five years earlier still haunt him. In the meantime, in the village of Featherbank, detective Amanda Beck is investigating a murder similar to the one that shook Gritten. Are the two, twenty-five years apart, connected?

This is a rollercoaster of a read, full of twists and shocking moments. I liked the character of Paul and I really felt for him and all he went through. Alex North is a fantastic author. His novels are very well-written and his plots are gripping and unexpected. Definitely an author I will keep reading.