Non ancora pubblicato. Perfetto per i fan di Amytiville Horror, una casa misteriosa, presenze malvagie, e una ragazza in cerca della verità.
This is the fourth novel by Riley Sager and his best so far. Chilling, creepy, and claustrophobic, it kept me completely glued to the pages and it gave me goose bumps and made me check that the locks were securely locked at night before going to bed.
Maggie Holt is famous. Actually, her family is famous. Twenty-five years ago, her parents bought and moved into Baneberry Hall, a house surrounded by mystery and death. Three weeks later, they ran away in the middle of the night and never returned. Her father bought a book about the ghosts haunting Baneberry Hall that became an instant bestseller. Many people believe that what her father narrates in the book is the truth, but Maggie knows that it’s all a lie and when she inherits the house after her father’s death, she finally has the chance to find out the truth.
I love this author. His writing is clear and so captivating. The gripping and twisty plot makes it hard to put the book down and the supernatural elements fit perfectly with the story. Home Before Dark is a terrifying unputdownable story from one of my favourite author, perfect for all fans of Amytiville Horror!