Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Un thriller psicologico su una donna in cerca della verità.
Ellen Saint will always regret the day Kieran Watts entered her life and ruined, but she thought she got rid of him once and for all until she sees him, standing on top of a tall building, The Heights. But he can be him because he’s been dead for two years, hasn’t he?
The story is told in different timelines, past and present, from the moment Ellen first met Kieran and she knew he was trouble to the moment she is standing in an apartment in Shad Thames, chatting to a customer, and she happens to glance outside the window to the building on the front and sees him. Why did Ellen hate Kieran? What did he do to her? And what did she do to him?
This is a gripping thriller featuring unlikable and unreliable characters and with an ending that made me gasp in surprise. A must-read!