Non ancora pubblicato in Italia. Una fantastica e divertente storia di matchmaking con conseguenze impreviste.
Ari Abrams became a TV meteorologist thanks to legendary weatherwoman Torrance Hale. She grew up watching her on TV and she couldn’t believe her luck when she got a job working for her. Except that, three years later, her dreams of being mentored by Torrance are shattered as she spends more time arguing with her ex-husband than mentoring Ari. After yet another disastrous work event that ended up with a broken window and everyone leaving earlier than expected, Ari finds herself sitting at a bar hotel drinking with sport journalist Russell. Working for Torrance’s ex-husband, Russell understands Ari better than anyone else so they decide to get them back together because it is clear that they still have feelings for each other. And the more time Russell and Ari spends together, the more is clear that they aren’t the only one.

Have you ever watched The Parent Trap? That 1990s movie in which a very young Lindsay Lohan interprets two twins separated by their parents’ divorce who switch to bring them back together. I loved that movie when I was growing up and I enjoyed seeing many references to it in this book. And that’s not the only thing I loved. The story is entertaining, witty, and compelling. The writing is addictive and the characters are relatable and adorable. The protagonist, Ari, is an incredible character. She is passionate about her job and she can talk about weather for hours. She is cheerful and optimist, but she is hiding the depression that has afflicted her mother for years and that she keeps under control with anti-depressants and therapy sessions. Mental health, mother-daughter relationship, and second chances are the themes that kept me engrossed for hours….