Pubblicato in Italia con il titolo Miss Marple nei Caraibi. Miss Jane Marple è in vacanza, ma nemmeno sulle spiagge dei Caraibi può sfuggire agli omicidi.

Miss Jane Marple is on holiday in St. Honoré, courtesy of her nephew Raymond West, and, while relaxing on the beach listening to the tales of Major Palgrave, she hears a mysterious tale that ends with him saying that he has “a snapshot of a murderer” and then, as people are coming towards them, he stops. The next day Major Palgrave is found dead. Everyone thinks it was a natural death, but Miss Marple is not so sure. And then, someone else is killed.

Even on holiday, Miss Marple can’t relax, murder seems to follow her everywhere she goes. And when the police can’t seem to be able to find the killer, it’s up to her to investigate and find the truth. Although not my favorite of Agatha Christie’s novel, it was still an enjoyable and entertaining read, full of surprises and suspects!